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Testimonials: Testimonials
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I have had the great honor of knowing Tony for over a decade. Initially, in looking for a trainer, I was impressed with his desire to understand my physical capability (or limitations), personal health objectives and his thorough understanding of ‘fitness’.  
As time progressed, it was apparent that Tony genuinely cares about you and your personal development. The time he spends during the session is shadowed by the time he invests in preparation.  Every workout is different and catered to the individual’s ability and goals.  He combines his thorough knowledge of the body with targeted movements to yield the desired results.  By embracing Tony’s 360 view of fitness, you will get stronger, recover faster and be healthier (mentally and physically). In addition, you will enjoy it.
Tony is the consummate professional who hones his craft on a daily basis all with the goal of making you a better ‘you’!
(Fitness enthusiast, father of 3, avid fisherman)

Scott Lloyd

Tony is the best trainer I have ever worked with. He formulates a personal plan that challenges you at every step so you get the results you want to achieve. Tony never repeats workouts and finds innovative ways to keep you engaged in the process. He is also extremely knowledgeable in anatomy and physiology and will strategically train you to prevent new or re-injuries. Tony also teaches and promotes mobility exercises to thwart common ailments and improve full body movement. I highly recommend Tony as a fantastic trainer!
(Fitness enthusiast and mother of 2)

Erika Kirchenbauer

I've known Tony for over a decade. He is the ultimate professional. He relentlessly fine tunes his craft, and his craft is world-class.  He blends deep knowledge of the body with targeted movements to yield the results you are after. By taking a Tony's 360* view of fitness, you will get stronger, recover faster, and be healthier. I whole-heartedly recommend Tony. 
(Boston Marathon Qualifier-NCGA Public Links Net Champion, Father of 2)

Patrick Tam

I can’t say enough great things about Tony! If you want a great challenging work out, Tony is the guy for you. Tony will challenge you mentally and physically. Whether you just want to lose weight, gain muscle mass, be strong and lean, have injuries or ailments, he can help you through it all. Tony has gotten me through a broken forearm (both radius and ulna), and two new ACL’s. Yes he had to alter certain movements/exercises, yes he had to listen to me complain, yes he had to constantly motivate and push me…..but at the end of the day, I’m very thankful for Tony who has forever enlightened me with new movements/exercises that are very effective (and not traditional), for ensuring my form was perfect, for continuously motivating me, and for instilling the passion and joy of working out to stay fit and strong! You will be fatigued and exhausted at the end of the workouts - don’t kid yourself. But it’s all worth it in the end! I highly recommend Tony!
(Fitness enthusiast and mother of 2)

Leslie McClennan

I highly recommend anyone who is looking to take their fitness level up a notch to check out Tony. I am a retired NFL player with a boat load of injuries. I came to Tony and we sat down and talked my goals and he then formulated a plan to help me meet my goals. Tony is a very nice guy that listens to his clients and their needs, and he will modify things as needed to anyones fitness level. He also has a background in physical therapy which is an added bonus if you ask me because he understand what the should be doing and how it should move etc. I highly urge anyone in the market to hire a trainer give my buddy Tony a call. 
(Former NFL Player and father of 2)

Quinton Dial

I have worked with Tony Demuro as my personal trainer for over 12 years. I started to work with hi when I lived and worked in Singapore and came home for 3 weeks per year to San Jose, CA for home leave. I worked with hi on of those visits by fortunate chance. From then on I sought him out every time I came home. I moved back to San Jose, CA. in 2012 and have worked with Tony 3-4 times a week ever since. I had played Ice hockey for about 45 years as a goalie and it had taken a terrible toll on my hips. I had severe bone on bone arthritis. Tony worked with me to ensure I could continue to be able to move and workout until I was mentally prepared to get both my hips replaced. Tony’s exceptional knowledge of my hip issues and his strong training from having worked in a Physical Rehab clinic, and hard work, kept me active and working out until I finally required surgery. I had both of my hips replaced six weeks apart in August and September of 2017. Three months later I was back training with Tony. Tony ensured I took it slow enough to not overdo it, even though I thought I could do more at a faster rate. He encouraged me, pushed me when I needed it, and held me back when I needed that. He stretched me after every session to ensure I continued the improvement. If it was not for Tony’s professionalism and dedication I would not be where I am today. I have such a wonderful improvement in my quality of life, due to my surgeon and Tony’s great work ensuring I continued to improve my strength and flexibility. During all these years Tony and I have become more than just trainer and client, we have become good friends. He continued to push me when required and help me improve continually. His hard work, dedication, and consideration of exactly what I needed as an individual was fantastic. I am very happy he has realized his dream to move to Tahoe, but I already miss working with him.

I would without reservation recommend Tony to any individual or organization. His hard work, dedication, care for the Individual, and his detail for how to improve they gyms he has worked for is great. I have seen also how he has helped many of his other clients, and we are all sad not to continue to work with him. He would be a great asset for any organization or individual who want to work with the best.

(Former Hockey Player, father of 2)

Larry Francis

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